Sports & Fitness Software Development

With years of experience in the custom software development and mobile app development industry, we understand our client’s business objectives and needs. Our team of experts conceives the client’s requirements and suggests the most suitable solutions. We create custom software solutions that can revolutionize the way in which sports are managed, taught, practiced, and broadcasted on several desktops and mobile devices. Our dedicated sports software developers leverage the latest techniques to develop custom solutions for the sports industry.

Information Technology will play a game changer role as it can revolutionize the way sports are being taught, practiced, managed, played, recorded, broadcasted and watched on multiple devices like television, computer and mobile.

At RihaTech, we enable the sports industry to leverage information technology at all levels by developing custom software solutions, responsive sports website, mobile apps, BI & analytics solutions, Simulators, widgets, and many more.

Core Features of Sports and Fitness Applications

Sports Data Management:

Our developer’s program big data analytics, extract capabilities, manage large & complex data sets and stores data repositories. We collect and integrate data from multiple sources. Here are the services we provide for sports data management system-

 Player’s Position Data Capturing Software

 Athlete’s Performance Data Analysis Software

 Player’s Real-Time Data Reports System

Athlete Fitness Tracking Software Solutions:

The experts of RihaTech design software solutions that can keep the track of athlete’s wearable devices and can record their physical performance. We provide the following services for this type of software systems-

 Wearable Healthcare Monitoring System

 Activity Tracking Software

 Fitness Assessment Softwares

Sports Analytics Software Solutions:

We develop customized software and analytics solutions for the sports industry, that are equipped with cutting edge technology. Our sports analytics software solutions have brought positive changes to the sports academies. Here are the services we provide for sports analytics software solutions-

 Sports Academic Softwares

 Sports Analytics System

 Pre & Post Match Analysis Software Solutions

 Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System

Sports Training System Software:

We build sports training software and customize data processing to collect data from multiple sources for real-time performance analysis for sports practitioners. We provide the following services for the sports training systems-

 Sports Training Scheduler Software

 Sports Planning System

 Sports Training Analytics Solutions

 Sports Training App Development

Custom Software Development for Sports & Fitness Industry

  • Golf Software
    Golf Software

    Our golf software experts configure intuitive, flexible customized software for the golf industry’s broad needs including tournament management.

  • Sports Analytics Software
    Sports Analytics Software

    We deploy & implement custom sports analytics & athlete performance software with real-time predictive insights through other solutions.

  • Fitness Software
    Fitness Club & Gym Software

    Our robust Fitness performance tracking software supports tactical and physical performance analysis with application integrations.

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